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Benefits of Turmeric White

     Benefits of Turmeric white (Curcuma manga) was very good for our bodies. White turmeric has a wide range of chemical constituents that include tianin, starch, curcumin, essential oil, sugar, saponins, resins, flavonoids, until the toxic protein that has the ability to inhibit cancer cell growth. With a variety of content, the benefits of an excellent white saffron of
course we do not doubt.

    The characteristics of the turmeric plant is has white spots such as bulbs and tubers ginger has a slightly creamy yellow color. The smell of fresh white turmeric in a state almost like mango kweni.

     According to research conducted by Dr. Retno S. Sudibyo ever published in Tempo newspaper in May 1999, showed that white turmeric contain toxic RIP protein (ribosome in activiting protein) that can help enable the ribosome to disrupt the process of protein synthesis. With the RIP, the development of cancer cells can be inhibited, but it benefits white turmeric can also prevent damage to the genes.

   Contains volatile oil contained in a white turmeric consists of curcumol and curdione. So that the benefits of white turmeric also has antioxidants that can fight free radicals that cause the growth of cancer cells. Besides the benefits of white turmeric may also increase the production of red blood cells in the body.
Although the health benefits of turmeric, white to very good, but for your Pregnant women should be careful if you want to eat this white turmeric as it can lead to miscarriage.

White for the health benefits of turmeric

To further clarify our understanding, the following are some of the white list for the health benefits of turmeric:
  •     White turmeric can inhibit cancer cell growth.
  •     Turmeric can narrow white female organs.
  •     White turmeric may help treat itching of the female.
  •     White turmeric can strengthen lust.
  •     White Turmeric is useful as antipyretics (fever).
  •     White turmeric to treat pain shortness of breath (asthma).
  •     White turmeric to treat inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract (bronchitis).
  •     Turmeric is useful as an antitoxin white (antidote).
  •     White turmeric can help reduce abdominal fat.
  •     White turmeric may increase appetite.
  •     Turmeric is useful as a laxative white (laxative).
  •     White turmeric can be used as an antioxidant.
  •     White turmeric beneficial to treat fever, get wind, bloating, etc..
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