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Best of Dragon Fruit Benefits

      Dragon fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) is a fruit native to Central America and grows in tropical regions, climate, temperate to subtropical dry. It has benefits of dragon fruit to the whole world know.

     Fruit with a taste slightly dry or slightly sweet, this is a good source of antioxidants that can protect against free radicals and carcinogens.  Characteristics of the dragon fruit body can
neutralize toxins and other heavy metals.

    High levels of vitamin C in dragon fruit to make the benefits of dragon fruit is very useful to improve the immune system to help heal the wounds / bruises. The content of vitamin B1 and B2 in Dragon Fruit is very good to improve metabolism and restores appetite. Besides the benefits of the fruit can also be dragon cholesterol because this product contains vitamin B3. Dragon fruit can be overcome with high blood pressure, to cure cough and asthma.

     Dragon fruit with calcium and phosphorus, so that the benefits of the fruit can also be dragon teeth and bones strong and form a network of healthy. Will the dragon fruit is excellent for those who lose weight and lower blood sugar.
The advantages of the red dragon fruit

     Benefits of red dragon fruit is known to be effective in lowering blood sugar levels. This red dragon fruit has high fiber content, accelerate the process to help reduce the digestion of fat and can.

Red Dragon fruit contains a substance-carotene are very good for eye health.

    The effectiveness of the Red Dragon Fruit to prevent and treat heart disease, cancer, contribute to the reduction of blood pressure. This is because these fruits contain lycopene. Besides these fruits also contain vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, calcium, phosphorus and protein to build a good network.

   For the benefits of red dragon fruit, you can regularly eat fruit juice and red dragon. Each glass of juice Red Dragon contains some 100kkal. But if you do not have time to juice is processed, you can eat them directly to get the properties.

Dragon Fruit properties:
  • Lowering blood cholesterol levels
  • Helps control blood glucose sugar levels in people with diabetes
  • Eliminates thirst thanks to a high water content (80-90 g from 100 g raw fruit)
  • Prevent the formation of cancer cells
  • Helps improve the body's metabolism and has the effect of increased memory
  • Sources of fiber and antioxidants 
You can get the Dragon Fruit fruit to eat every day. All fruits have their efficacy, including Dragon Fruit. It is time consuming Dragon fruit from now.

Prevention is better than cure.

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