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Pears Benefits To The Body

Pears Benefits To The Body

This one fruit is the fruit we often see, a lot of water content in a pear to pear it is perfect if taken when the sun is hot. One of the high water content fruit is a pear. Fresh fruit, weighing about 160 grams is also high in fiber.

Pear is a fruit belonging to the family of apples, but is richer in fiber than apples. If in an apple contains 3 grams of fiber, pears contain 6 grams of fiber. This means a pear contains 20 percent of the recommended fiber intake to be consumed in a day. Pears are also free of fat, cholesterol free, sodium free and rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and Chromium.
Pear fruit has a low glycemic index and contains only 100 calories per fruit, average fruit is good for people with diabetes and diabetes. Sugar content of foods with low glycemic index are absorbed slowly, to keep blood sugar levels stable. So women who are pregnant are advised to eat a pear. Those who have problems with food allergies is advisable to eat pears because it is safe and does not trigger allergic reactions. Pears are also recommended as the first fruit given to children because it is considered hypoallergenic. Fiber and copper on pear can also prevent colon cancer. High fiber content makes the pears are very good for people with diabetes.

Furthermore, lamps also contain vitamin K, such consumption, which lamp 15 percent to satisfy the body's need for vitamin K for each day. Vitamin K is very useful to help the coagulation process. Vitamin K has the potential for the prevention of serious diseases such as heart disease and stroke, due to the effect that can reduce by a factor of atherosclerosis plaque deposits of calcium.

Fibers contained in a pear insoluble fiber, this means that the pear has a good efficacy as drugs or laxatives laksansia. Stone cells found in pear flesh were able to reduce polyps in the colon, thereby reducing the risk of colon cancer. Most of the content of vitamin C and fiber found on the skin of pear fruit.

Savor the Fruits Pears
  1. There are Vitamin C and K, Vitamin C is known as the primary compound your body needs in a variety of important processes, ranging from the manufacture of collagen, fat transport, electron transport from the various reactions enzemik, hyper healthy gums, regulating cholesterol levels, as well as immunity boosters. In addition, our bodies need vitamin C for wound healing and improve brain function in order to work optimally. Vitamin K is very useful to help the clotting process. Vitamin K has potential in preventing serious diseases, like heart disease and stroke, due to the effect that may reduce hardening of the arteries by a factor of calcium plaque deposits.
  2. Anti-Cancer, has a number of benefits that are useful for maintaining good health. In addition to the high nutritional content, pears also contain compounds that are essential for the body. Pears contain chlorogenic acid (chlorogenic acid), which is one part of hydroxy cinnamic acid (hydroxy cinnamic acid). Hydroxy cinnamic acid is acting as an antioxidant which can block the formation of cancer cells. The results also showed that these acids are also able to prevent the growth of Shigella sonnei bacteria, which cause diseases of the digestive tract. Hydroxy cinnamic acid can also prevent colon cancer. These capabilities have because it can bind to nitric acid in the stomach, thus inhibiting the formation of nitrosamines. Nitrosamines are carcinogens (cause cancer) with huge potential in the body. 
  3. Control your blood pressure, High fiber content makes the pears are very good for people with diabetes. Consumption of adequate amounts of fiber is good for constipation and is safe for sensitive stomach or intestinal inflammation. Fiber and copper on pear can also prevent colon cancer.
The biggest benefit pears contained in the skin. Therefore, you should not peel pears if we want to eat them. Most of the fibers contained in the pears contained in the skin, including quercetin, namely antioxidants and flavonoids which have anti-inflammatory effect. Although the substance is not owned as many apples and onions, but still a good nutrients from pears. 

You can get the Benefits Of Pears fruit to eat every day. All fruits have their efficacy, including Pears Fruit. It is time consuming Pears fruit from now.

Prevention is better than cure.