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Benefits of Noni Fruit For Health

      Benefits of noni fruit is good for your health is not foreign to our ears. Noni is an easy plant to grow in the lowlands. These plants are green oval fruit with a round and it is a bone surface. Noni plant height is about 3-8 meters.

    Noni has some of the concepts in each region. Among other Wengkudu (Bali)
, Cengkudu (Sunda), Pace (Java), Kodhuk (Madura), Nono (Tahiti language), Ach (in Hindi), Ungcoikan (Myanmar language), Noni (Hawaiian language), and Nonu (language Tonga), Mengkudu (Indonesian language)

   Benefits of noni fruit is excellent for natural medicine. Even now been widely produced some of the fruit capsule products. Several medical experts from several countries also do research on the benefits of noni. A report published in the journal Cancer Letters, in 1993, about the benefits of noni. The magazine was mentioned that some Japanese scientists at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Keio University and researched 500 types of plants. The researchers concluded that the noni fruit has anti-cancer drugs (Damnacanthal).

Benefits of  Noni Fruit
     The effect of noni not only as an anti cancer. Although there are many other benefits that exist in this bitter fruit. Here are some of the benefits of the noni fruit has been proven through numerous scientific studies:

  • Noni can be an agent for the prevention of cancer and tumors.
  • Noni can help to increase endurance. 
  • Can help neutralize free radicals in the body with natural antioxidants.
  • Noni can help to normalize blood pressure.
  • Noni can help set the mood (mood cycles).
  • Noni can help reduce pain.
  • Could increasing absorption - nutrients from food
  • Noni can be an anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory.
  • Noni may help the body's energy cycle.
  • Noni can be anti-bacterial.
  • Can help penyembuhaan process naturally by the body

     Dr. Neil Solomon had made a survey of 8000 people who take Noni juice. In its survey of 40 doctors and some doctors. In pursuit Dr. Neil Solomon wanted to prove the ability of Noni juice in the treatment of various diseases. For example, heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, stroke, digestive diseases, etc.

You can get the benefits of Noni fruit to eat every day. All fruits have their efficacy, including Noni Fruit. It is time consuming noni fruit from now

Prevention is better than cure.

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