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Benefits of green tea

    Benefits of green tea we can get it very much. Some of the benefits of green tea for health will be discussed in this article. Not only that, some of the benefits of green tea for beauty will also be

Benefits of green tea for health
   During this time many people are using green tea as a health drink. Apparently, according to research conducted by experts, for the health benefits of green tea is green banyak.Teh contain antioxidants that can resist the poison that will go into our bodies. Green tea also contains vitamin E and vitamin C are beneficial for strengthening the immune system, healthy skin and hair health.

    Some of the benefits of green tea for health are: to keep cholesterol levels in your body to stay well, prevent cancer and high blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke and heart diseases (liver), maintain stamina and relieve fatigue, as anti-sore throat, to prevent cavities , etc..
In addition, the content of bioflavonoids in green tea can also strengthen the system of green pencernaan.Teh also known to contain epigallocatechin gallate compounds known to inhibit the development of carcinogenic compounds, which can prevent cancer formation. To benefit from the antioxidants contained in green tea naturally, you can drink 2-3 cups of green tea / day (containing 240 to 320 mg of polyphenols).

Benefits of green tea for beauty
   Green tea is not only beneficial for the health benefits of green tea was also handy for beauty. Some cosmetic companies are now utilizing green tea as an extract for their products. Now, there are many products sabunmandi liquid, shampoo, until the cream to scrub containing green tea extract.

   Another benefit of green tea is that it can prevent hair loss, eliminate dandruff, as well as overcome the irritation that occurs on the scalp. In addition, vitamin C and vitamin E in green tea can help strengthen and moisturize hair, so that our hair can become thicker and does not easily dry, fall, or broken.

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