Monday, April 30

Benefits of Banana for Health

       Bananas for our health benefits are many, but not the least among us who do not know what are the health benefits of bananas. Before presenting the benefits of bananas more detail, the authors inform the nutritional content of bananas.The nutritional content of bananas         Benefits of bananas can not be separated from the nutritional content of bananas include:

Sunday, April 29

Benefits Soursop Juice For Health

Benefits Soursop Juice For Health
The cancer drugs are the most powerful Hidden YearsSo far, we know that cancer can be treated with chemotherapy. But this seems to be considered removed and destroyed as much as possible. Why? Because it really is a natural remedy to kill cancer cells

Saturday, April 28

Tomatoes For Health Benefits

Tomatoes for health benefits    
  Who is not aware of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)?, Types vegetables are always available in the kitchen. Tomato is useful to give a bitter taste in the kitchen. But you know behind to give a taste of this acid, the health benefits of tomatoes are still a lot.     Fast-food snacks and drinks at the moment can be easily found around us. Food packaging is

Friday, April 27

Benefits Of Papaya

Benefits Of Papaya

Papaya is known as a collection of multiple use, because almost all parts of the plant from the roots to the leaves beneficial to humans and animals. Papaya can be used as food,

Thursday, April 26

Benefits of Vegetables Broccoli

Benefits of Vegetables Broccoli 
Broccoli has been known as one of the vegetables that are healthy because the nutrients in it. Vegetables not only contain antioxidants, including vitamin C, broccoli is also a natural source of folic acid folate. Acid intake helps prevent heart disease. Green vegetables and also potentially protect against cancer development.

The results Journal Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis and Vascular Biology allegations, broccoli prevent heart attacks and strokes. The chemicals found sulforaphane in broccoli, according to researchers, helping to strengthen the immune system to

Mangosteen Benefits For Natural Medicine

     Properties of mangosteen may not be well known by the public, even though everyone knows the pleasure of the taste of the mangosteen fruit. Mangosteen has the Latin name Garcinia mangostana fruit is a plant that only grows in tropical areas. Mangosteen trees can grow to heights from 7 to 25 meters and is the kind of perennial greens. Manggsi fruit is more commonly called the "queen of fruits" or "queen of fruits" has many health benefits for

Wednesday, April 25

Benefits Of Lime

 Benefits Of Lime
     (Citrus aurantifolia) has long been known as the plant is rich in benefits. The fruit tastes bitter, sour and slightly cold, but the benefits are very diverse. According to various sources, lemon juice is used for flavoring food, drink, drink material for citric acid, and removing the metal from rust and dirt skin. It

Tuesday, April 24

Benefits Of Galangal

  Benefits Of Galangal
 Galang or Java language is called a Laos roots of plants that have medicinal benefits of plants. Galangal is widely grown in the highlands and lowlands. Benefits of ginger has been used by our society as a spice in cooking, as well as materials for traditional medicine, or more commonly called Jamu. The effect of ginger has been used by our ancestors as a panacea for

Monday, April 23

Benefits Of Corn

 Benefits Of Corn
    Avoid corn Efficiency stroke and heart attack
Corn, including foods rich in nutrients. Not only suitable for consumption as snacks, corn can be a staple daily. Corn nutrients, such as rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B5, folic acid and vitamin C. Of these nutrients can help the body produce seed new cells and fight disease

Sunday, April 22

Best of Dragon Fruit Benefits

      Dragon fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) is a fruit native to Central America and grows in tropical regions, climate, temperate to subtropical dry. It has benefits of dragon fruit to the whole world know.

     Fruit with a taste slightly dry or slightly sweet, this is a good source of antioxidants that can protect against free radicals and carcinogens.  Characteristics of the dragon fruit body can

Saturday, April 21

Benefits Fruit Grape

 Benefits Fruit Grape
     The grapes are not only a source of vitamins A, C, B6 and folic acid are good. However, other important sources of minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium.All vitamins are helpful for maintaining a healthy body. Here are some health benefits of grapes, as quoted by diva wolipop and other sources1. Breast Cancer  The survey also in

Friday, April 20

Benefits Of Plants Binahong

Benefits Of Plants Binahong
Enjoy the wonderful binahong leaves to treat many types of diseases. But not many people know the benefits of the blade binahong. Binahong is a type of leaf that is grown in relation to medicinal plants in different places, including the lowlands and highlands, and has many benefits for health and medicine. Binahong crop grown in Indonesia is already a long time, but has recently been widely used alternative medicine plant material.    Benefits binahong sheet that was originally derived from the Korean region is

Thursday, April 19

Benefits of Celery

Benefits of Celery
   Celery is a herbaceous annual standing, and has a height of about 25-100 cm. Celery sticks sides and longitudinal grooves with many flowers, small white or white and kehijauan.Seledri grows in tropical areas have a size of the trunk is not big enough for the whole plant is used as a plant. Plant breeding can be

Wednesday, April 18

Benefits of Watermelon Fruit

Benefits of Watermelon Fruit
In this article we will discuss the benefits of watermelon. Watermelon is a fruit that comes from Africa, instead of the Kalahari Desert. So what are the benefits of a watermelon is it?
     Efficacy and watermelon fruit for health benefits
An advantage of the watermelon, they can in a diet to help. Watermelon is a fruit that is fat

Monday, April 16

Green Beans for Health Benefits

     Benefits of green beans were very good for our body. Green beans taste delicious and are often treated as a compote or porridge.
     The green beans (Phaseolus aureus) is known as a source of vegetable protein, high levels of

Sunday, April 15

Benefits Of Pomegranate

 Benefits Of Pomegranate
    Fruit of pomegranate (Punica granatum) is no stranger to our ears. These plants are usually planted in gardens as ornamental plants, medicinal plants, or as an edible fruit, especially if it is fruitful to add to the beauty of this plant.The fruit is nearly spherical size o

Saturday, April 14

Benefits of Noni Fruit For Health

      Benefits of noni fruit is good for your health is not foreign to our ears. Noni is an easy plant to grow in the lowlands. These plants are green oval fruit with a round and it is a bone surface. Noni plant height is about 3-8 meters.

    Noni has some of the concepts in each region. Among other Wengkudu (Bali)

Friday, April 13

Benefits of Kiwi

    Benefits of Kiwi - Kiwi is a fruit of Actinide genre. The fruit has green-brown skin color, flesh-colored green or golden fruit and seeds are small, black and edible. Kiwi has a smooth texture and taste of fruit is unique and is now widely cultivated in many countries.
    Benefits of Kiwi is very good for our health, because there are facts in Kiwi contains vitamin C, as much as 108.9 mg. Kiwi also contains vitamin

Thursday, April 12

Benefits of green tea

    Benefits of green tea we can get it very much. Some of the benefits of green tea for health will be discussed in this article. Not only that, some of the benefits of green tea for beauty will also be

Tuesday, April 10

Red Rice for Health Benefits

     Brown rice is a type of rice that has a variety of vitamins especially Vit. B and Vit. E. The benefits of brown rice are excellent for maintaining health and cure various diseases. This is because brown rice is rich in natural fiber, nutrition, vitamins, and mineral content is high. In addition, brown rice also contains a variety of substances such as phenolics which are powerful antioxidants, sele

Monday, April 9

Benefits of Turmeric White

     Benefits of Turmeric white (Curcuma manga) was very good for our bodies. White turmeric has a wide range of chemical constituents that include tianin, starch, curcumin, essential oil, sugar, saponins, resins, flavonoids, until the toxic protein that has the ability to inhibit cancer cell growth. With a variety of content, the benefits of an excellent white saffron of

Saturday, April 7

Benefits of Garlic for Health

    Benefits of garlic were not only used as a cooking spice, but the garlic also contains many useful properties for our health. Garlic is a plant that grows in tropical and receive enough sunlight.

   Chemical content that is naturally present in garlic have proved very useful for our health. Benefits of garlic as we kno

Tuesday, April 3

Efficacy for Various Diseases Shallots

 Efficacy of garlic have long been known to the public. Onions which has the Latin name Allium cepa L is a plant that is used as a spice in many types of Asian cuisine or the cuisine of the archipelago. Shallots, better known as scallions in the Java language is the kind of plants that live in the lowlands to an altitude of 1500 m above sea level. This plant is the most widely used is the tuber. Shallots are usually treated with a polished and mix into the dish or can be cut and then fried.

Sunday, April 1

Food Diet To Lose Weight

    Food diet - If you want to burn more fat without laborious to determine the diet plan, counting calories, etc.. Try to put nutritious foods into your diet. There are a few suggestions that we can recommend that will help you in various ways.

      Some of our suggestions will help increase your metabolism, helping to make you feel fuller, and food that actually burn fat. If you have a habit of eating junk food,