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Efficacy for Various Diseases Shallots

 Efficacy of garlic have long been known to the public. Onions which has the Latin name Allium cepa L is a plant that is used as a spice in many types of Asian cuisine or the cuisine of the archipelago. Shallots, better known as scallions in the Java language is the kind of plants that live in the lowlands to an altitude of 1500 m above sea level. This plant is the most widely used is the tuber. Shallots are usually treated with a polished and mix into the dish or can be cut and then fried.

     Savor the onion has long been used as traditional medicine to treat various diseases such as for treating intestinal worms, hemorrhoids and to eliminate fish eyes in the foot. Addition of red onion are also commonly used to smear the baby's body when a cold or fever. Onion has many properties are empirically demonstrated, though most people do not know the content of the onion that makes it capable of being used as a medicinal plant.

Shallots properties for Health
     Onion it can be used to treat various chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hemorrhoids, killing bacteria and anti inflammation, prevent and cure tuberculosis pneumonia. Savor the onion has also been proven through clinical trials maupu laboratory checks on the content of which is owned by the onion. The benefits of red onion that has been known only as a spice in cooking turns out to have other benefits are remarkable in the field of medicine. Red onion or scallions, better known degan also effective to dilute sputum that causes coughing.

The content of Shallots
     Benefits onion very much for your health or treatment because of onion contain compounds such as essential oils, sikloaliin, metilaliin, dihidroaliin, flavonglikosida, quercetin, saponin, peptide, fitohormon, vitamins, starch. Saponin is a substance that serves to dilute the sputum when you cough. While the peptide to function lowers blood sugar levels. Kadungan onion essential oil on the work to wage perderan blood and various other benefits.

we would have much to gain from onion, shallot how many items you consume in a day?Prevention is better than cure.

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