Tuesday, May 22

Secret Benefits Of Mango

Benefits Of Mango
Mango is a native fruit of India. Mango plant has many varieties. There is no mention at least there are 2000 kinds of mangoes in the world. Besides the sweet and refreshing mango was also good for health benefits. Because fruit contains

Monday, May 21

Pears Benefits To The Body

Pears Benefits To The Body

This one fruit is the fruit we often see, a lot of water content in a pear to pear it is perfect if taken when the sun is hot. One of the high water content fruit is a pear. Fresh fruit, weighing about 160 grams is also high in fiber.

Thursday, May 17

Duku Fruit Benefits For The Body

Duku Fruit Benefits For The Body

The fruit is delicious on fresh food, fruit skins can be used to repel mosquitoes by burning, because the smell makes mosquitoes hate the smell of it. In addition, the skin can also be used to treat diarrhea, bark and seeds are used for malaria medicine. Duku lemon seeds have medicinal properties, especially for people asia, common use for a headache remedy. But no fruit similar to the fruit duku

Monday, May 14

Durian Fruit Benefits For Our Bodies

This prickly fruit is one fruit that is loved by many people this is the durian fruit. His most popular title "king of all fruits" (King of Fruit). Besides that it tastes very delicious and fragrant aroma, it is one of the durian fruit healthy food because it has many benefits for health. Not only is the flesh alone,

Thursday, May 10

Benefits Of Avocado

     Including a special avocado fruit because they contain 20-30 times more fat than other fruits. Avocado fat can provide enough energy as it consumes. Type of fat found in fruit avocado is an unsaturated fat, which is easily digestible and useful to the body. Thus Spake, an avocado provides a high enough ener

Wednesday, May 9

Benefits Of Melon Fruit

    Melon community is an alternative material consumption fruit preferred. Melon fruit flavors and distinctive sweet and aromatic. Approximately 95% of melon fruit flesh contains water, so they can give a sense of cool and soothing effect. Because he has a refreshing character, melon, relieve heartburn. Melon contains vitamins A, B and C contains proteins, calcium and phosphorus. The mineral content of melon was still able to eliminate the acidity of the body have healing

Tuesday, May 8

Benefits Of Star Fruit

      Carambola greenish yellow. When a new growth, green fruit. Is cut, the result of a cross-sectional star-shaped. Seeds small, brown. The fruit is eaten when fresh, sweet, slightly sour. This fruit contains a lot of vitamin C.