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Benefits Of Star Fruit

      Carambola greenish yellow. When a new growth, green fruit. Is cut, the result of a cross-sectional star-shaped. Seeds small, brown. The fruit is eaten when fresh, sweet, slightly sour. This fruit contains a lot of vitamin C.

      A type star fruit, star fruit called, are commonly used for seasoning dishes, especially to give a bitter taste in food.
The advantages of carambola is not only the benefits that can be achieved by eating this fruit. Furthermore, there carambola classified as a rare fruit that is easy to obtain.


100 grams of carambola contains:
Sodium (Na) 2 mg
3 grams of fiber
1 gram of protein
61 IU Vitamin A
34.4 mg of vitamin C
0.2 milligrams of vitamin E
12 micrograms of folic acid
Potassium (K) 133 mg
Phosphorus (P) 12 mg
Magnesium (Mg) 10 mg
Calcium (Ca) 3 mg

Benefits carambola fruit

Carambola Carambola Fruit (Averrhoa Carambola). Elliptical fins with sharp five years with a refreshing sweetness. In international circles, is the fruit known as carambola. This is because penampakah cut horizontally fruit that looks like a star.

Fruit from India or Sri Lanka is not only grown in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, but also known in the countries of sub-tropical climate, such as USA and Australia. This is because the carambola is easy to grow well in places with an altitude of 0-500 meters above sea level with heavy rain and has gift very beautiful.

Fruit can bloom throughout the year and harvested three times a year also has a brother, fruits or vegetables star fruit star fruit (Averrhoa bilimbi). It feels more mature and widely used for cooking, especially to give a bitter taste in food.

Knockout star fruit is effective as an antipyretic and expectorant, so that it can be used to treat cough in children. The fruit that contains vitamin C has many advantages that antiinflasi, analgesic, diuretic, and this is good for curing cough, sore throat, headache, sore throat, fever, address to solve the problem of diabetes and cholesterol. Its vitamin C content is high is also good for cancer patients consumed. Roots of carambola is also believed to cure headaches and joint pain. While the sheets can be used to treat ulcers, inflammation of skin wounds and ulcers.

Despite many advantages, it should be for people with kidney disease to be careful because this fruit contains much oxalic acid, which is harmful to them.

Carambola has many health benefits, including : 
  • The fiber may be useful to facilitate digestion.
  • Pektinnya capable of destroying the cholesterol so that it can be a diet to lose weight.
  • Prevention of hepatitis or hardening of the bile acids in the liver and intestine .
  • Carambola juice to cool the body back from fatigue.
  • Ripe carambola effective in relieving a variety of diseases such as diabetes, cough, sore throat and fever.
  • The vitamin C content is high enough also believed to be a cure for cancer.
  • Purple flowers star fruit is believed to be effective for the treatment of malaria.
  • The leaves are exuberant effective in treating ulcer, diuretic, ulcer and hypertension.
  • Star fruit plant roots can treat rheumatic diseases.
You can get the Benefits Of Star fruit to eat every day. All fruits have their efficacy, including Star  Fruit. It is time consuming Star fruit from now.

Prevention is better than cure.

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