Monday, April 16

Green Beans for Health Benefits

     Benefits of green beans were very good for our body. Green beans taste delicious and are often treated as a compote or porridge.
     The green beans (Phaseolus aureus) is known as a source of vegetable protein, high levels of
protein. In addition, green beans also contain minerals, calcium and phosphorus is important for our body. Known benefits of green beans can be more sensitive and more brains to think. This is nothing but thanks to its high protein content of beans.
Green beans Health Benefits

Understood that several of the benefits of green beans, the following is a list with the explanation of some of the green beans health benefits:

  • Green beans can strengthen bones. Green beans are rich in phosphorus and calcium, is very useful for the growth and strengthens bones. Furthermore, the protein content of green beans are very high (24%).
  • The green beans are very good for heart health. Unsaturated fat content in green beans safe for consumption and heart health. As the fat is unsaturated, it made those who have problems with weight does not have to worry about eating green beans.
  • Benefits of green beans can help the absorption of protein, prevents cancer, berries, to improve nerve. This is because the green beans contain vitamin B1, vitamin B2, is sufficient.

Benefits of green beans for pregnant women
     In good health and preventing disease of any kind. Mandaat green beans are also very good for pregnant women. Green beans contain folic acid is important for pregnant women. Pregnant women can eat green beans from the beginning of pregnancy and before pregnancy. The effect of folic acid in neural development is a child in the womb very well.

   Benefits of green beans that contain folic acid may also prevent heart defects in children, cleft lip, and a number of other shortcomings. The addition of folic acid, may also increase the intelligence of babies.

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