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Benefits Of Galangal

  Benefits Of Galangal
 Galang or Java language is called a Laos roots of plants that have medicinal benefits of plants. Galangal is widely grown in the highlands and lowlands. Benefits of ginger has been used by our society as a spice in cooking, as well as materials for traditional medicine, or more commonly called Jamu. The effect of ginger has been used by our ancestors as a panacea for
various ailments.

    Plant Galang is the composition of the midrib of the blade. The leaves of the globular galangal and bottom of the same and only the top complete with a central rib sheets. The galangal rhizome which has white and red ginger. Ginger with white rhizomes are widely used as a spice for cooking and the benefits of ginger as a medicinal plant found more than a ginger berimpang red.

The effectiveness and benefits of Galang

        The content and benefits include ginger contains volatile oil that can be used as an antibacterial, the body warm, clean the blood, to ease the expense of the wind the body, stimulating the muscles and the thin mucus. Some properties of ginger has been used as material for herbal liniment or rub.
      If you want to use galangal weeks to maintain the vigor and health, you can create potions with ingredients as follows. Prepare ginger, noni, kedaung, garlic, pepper, sugar, salt and tamarind. After the above ingredients in two separate groups, the first group noni ginger and the other group are the other ingredients. Noni ginger pieces and then removed, then the mashed garlic, pepper and then roasted seeds kedaung. Mix all ingredients and cook until boiling. Strain this mixture and then drink three times a day. Efficiency will galangal you can feel if you regularly eat this mixture.
         Benefits of ginger has been used by the pharmaceutical industry as the production of modern medicine. The effect of ginger can be clinically confirmed by laboratory tests, and do not contain elements or compounds that are harmful to humans. This is safe for consumption by all family members.

You can get the Benefits Of Galangal to eat every day. All fruits have their efficacy, including Galangal. It is time consuming Galangal from now. 

Prevention is better than cure.

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