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The benefits of an Apple that people rarely know it

Apple is known as the fruit has red teasing, even though not all apples have red, green, yellow and yellow-green. Before you go about the benefits of apples we should first read a variety of apples.

Types of Apples
Apple itself has various types but only 5 types of the most common and consumed by a person, such as :
  • Yellow apples (Golden Delicious) originated in America, typically consumed to pai and made apple sauce.
  • Red apples (Red Delicious) type most frequently encountered either directly or ditelevisi because it has an inviting color.
  • Fuji apples (Gala), originally from New Zealand is an Apple that has the freshest flavor and sweetest of apples.
  • Apple manalagi (Asia) has a pretty sweet
  • Apple malang (Indonesian) fruit that one is usually made by the employers to make Apple chips.
Content Of Apples
  1. Rich in fiber : Benefits of apples are rich in fiber, so it's good for people who are on diet programs. This is because the high fiber so as to prevent hungry come faster.In addition to the benefits of fiber in apples, reduce fat and cholesterol. Apples contain fiber that binds to fat and useless bad cholesterol in the body for the next cast.
  2. Rich vitamin : Some of the vitamins found in apples such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, vitamin C.
  3. Mineral rich : A third benefit of apples that contain a lot of minerals. Minerals in apples include calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc.
  4. Phytochemicals : Benefits of Apples next contain phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are antioxidants to fight free radicals derived from pollution or the surrounding environment. It also serves to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL), which can cause blockage of blood vessels.
  5. Tannins : The next benefit is apples contain tannins. Tannins are substances that serve to clean and freshen the mouth, so as to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
Apples benefits on body
For many - years of research on apple never ceased therefore new discoveries about the benefits of apple constantly updated. Here's his review.
  1. Healthy Eyes: nyctalopia was the most frightening scourge for mankind because it can reduce the sensory acuity of vision. If you feel you are not able to look at the focus of the evening should start now konsumsilah apples because the benefits of Apples believed to nourish the eyes again.
  2. Healthy Hearts: the natural antioxidants in apples can be used to protect the liver from cancer.
  3. Healthy breasts of women: by consuming apples regularly then the breasts cancer woman can be prevented as early as possible. Benefits of apples this one indeed became one of hope for women who want to have healthy breasts.
  4. Lower cholesterol: by consuming 2 apples per day have been trusted and proven can lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Bad fats are not healthy for the body can be reduced by as much as 16% if apples consumed on a regular basis.
  5. Prevent and treat Ashma: Apple Juice is very much useful, refreshing drink is very liked by the children. Recently examined if a child consuming Apple juice every day then it is not stricken by diseases of ashma. Respiratory disorder does not know age can attack one starts to age of children to adulthood.
  6. Neutralizing blood sugar levels: Diabetes is the scourge of the scariest moment, unlike the 20-30 and the degenerative diseases are still very rare. Even when diabetes is the disease most often strikes people with unhealthy behaviors. The good news is apparently Apple even has a sweet taste that can control the sugar levels in the blood effectively, although diabetes is caused due to hereditary factors. Also same thing we encounter when viewing and observing the benefits of honey.
  7. Lose Weight: Want to look healthy, slim and gorgeous? For you women who want it should consume apples every day on a regular basis due to the consumption of apples can intestinal digestion. Apple has fiber that can help the digestive process.
  8. Nourish the digestive tract: the study is not done directly on humans but on the animal named rats. Created a special Apple extract given to mice and the results were surprising. mice that were given 43% Apple extracts turned out to be a lower risk of developing cancer of the colon. Digestion never work off of the small intestine as a food processor and take his nutritional. Consumption of Apple on a regular basis can prevent constipation and other digestive disorders. If the extract arthritis rats likely also arthritis mortals.
  9. Strengthen memory: The content of quercetin in apples were also able to protect the brain from free radicals that cause disease al-zheimer. The study was conducted by a reputable named Cornell University.
  10. Feeding the brain: in addition to prevent disease, alzeimer Acetylcholine content in apples can be utilized to increase the intelligence of the brain. With mengkonsum Apple regularly brain memory will increase. So the book readings are read by someone with a consumption of apples per day will be absorbed intact and is not easily forgotten.
  11. Treating and Preventing Anemia: Anemia is a condition in which lack of blood hemoglobin to increase iron intake back takes a very wealthy contained in apples.
  12. Restoring Stamina Body: For someone who likes sports or being stressed makes lactic acid in the body increases. If not addressed it will interfere with the body's organs and health. Well, the apple contains potassium and enzymes that can relieve fatigue during exercise and reduce lactic acid in the body. Similarly, the benefits of eggs are very healthy for the body's health stamina.
  13. Restoring Body The Doldrums: You are currently not fit, fresh, or are feeling lethargic limp limp. Apple should buy now in the shop for apple fruit can restore kelehaman body due to various factors. Honey well taken by patients who are convalescing. Balance the body's health can be achieved by eating apples on a regular basis.
  14. Caring for Teeth: If you currently have a white healthy teeth glow should keep the condition by eating an apple every day. By eating an apple every day then your teeth will be always clean, bacteria and viruses damaging the gums and teeth can be removed with the consumption of apples.
  15. Caring for the heart: the heart is the life of man, if the heart is compromised then the person's life will also be disrupted. If you do not want to have problems on the health of the heart should start now konsumsilah apples every day.
  16. Prevent and treat rheumatism: nutritional on Apple is believed to have long been able to treat rheumatism. The disease is often called gout is often afflicts the aged. However, recently, if the body is not guarded by a pattern of healthy living the age of 40an there are already affected by gout.
  17. Improve Skin Health: Skin is part of the human body protector and also as an organ of beauty. For women whose skin is a crown to be kept healthy. Fortunately apples have nutrients that are good for the skin so that by eating an apple every day, it can nourish the skin to keep it beautiful and radiant. Not only the skin, but also the skin becomes healthier. So often some people use apples as a way to get rid of acne and some of them also use apples as a way to remove acne scars.
  18. Pressing Growing Cells In Lung Cancer - Lung: This information is taken in a study involving 10,000 participants. All the participants reported drinking apple with a different number. Well, uniquely participants who consumed apples with more number is not at risk of lung cancer - lung as much as 50%. Is still to be further investigated whether substances called flavonoids, quercetin and other things that affect this. Just like Soursop benefits that can treat all types of cancer.
  19. Taking care Of Bone Fragility (Osteoporosis): old age could not have been avoided by all humanity, if the current young lovely and handsome one moment would encounter old wrinkled and brittle. For it is need for knowledge that support when old age comes. Luckily there is now the internet makes people easily access any information including health information. Recent research indicates when the benefits of Apples may protect bones from fragility.
Caring Body In addition to Apples Choose foods with fiber content like fruits, vegetables, cereals, wheat. Apples along with pears, citrus fruits are including high fiber levels. Fruits with high water content can also often make the stomach stretch. Melon and watermelon fruit with a high water content despite its low fiber can easily make your stomach filled and filling.

Actually there are many more benefits that other apples. However, We are sorry if there are any explanations and writing. We can not give a scientific source on the above discussion. Easy - I hope this short article can add to our knowledge all of the benefits of Apples.

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