Tuesday, September 25

Benefits Of Fruits Bark

I do not have long post, this time I will discuss the benefits of fruits Bark, ok with it. :)
Skin soft fruits have spines, one fruit has a brown color.  Bark  is a tropical plant that only grows in the tropics and in great demand by the people of Europe and America. Bark has the scientific name Salacca edulis. 
Bark  can be consumed as fresh fruit mapun made preserves or pickles can even bark at this time can be processed into chips were crispy and delicious.

Country on the continent of asia Indonesia precisely this fruit called Bark

This fruit turns out to contain:


Tannin and
Saponin with high enough levels.
Various nutrients bark is very useful to maintain health and treat various diseases

Here are the benefits if we eat fruits:

  • Salak To Drugs Diarrhea / Diarrhoea ; Fruits also have benefits for treating diarrhea / loose stools, if you experience diarrhea or diarrhea you should not rush him to the doctor, by consuming 20 grams of young bark to relieve oenyakit you are experiencing diarrhea. Fruits are also easily found in many stores fruit seller.
  • Salak fruit as Medicine Eye ; According to a study conducted by experts to examine the content of which is owned fruits, it is rich in beta-carotene fruits are very good for maintaining eye health. If you have a problem on your eye health, anda can consume bark juice as an alternative to carrot juice.
  • Salak Can Be Used For Healthy Snacks ; Fruits usually served as fresh fruit on the table, while fruits can be processed into a variety of foods that naturally comfortable and have a high selling value. You can process the bark be candied or pickled. Even today the bark has been exported out of the country in the form of chips. With a dedicated machine, it can be processed bark bark chips that taste delicious and crispy, flaky bark even today to be one of the most popular processed fruits.
  • Leather fruits was very nutritious treat diabetes and reduce dry, stabilize blood pressure (high or low).How to:
    Take the skin of fruits to taste (do not use the fruit).
    washing with water until clean.
    Then enter into the pot (not aluminum pots, or iron).
    Pour the ait taste.
    Boil uses a very small fire, to boil water.
    Filter and drink the water.  
    A day drink 1 liter of water boiled bark bark. Make up to 2 weeks without a break, and we can prove that diabetes is often dry shot up will be normal, and blood pressure is stable. Skin that has been boiled bark can not be used again!!!

  • Benefits bark Leaves ; The leaves bark has properties that have not eliminated the disease severe hemorrhoid. The trick, 3 leaves boiled bark with a glass of water, then boiling water is filtered and drunk with sugar. Drink twice a day, morning and evening. Do it on a regular basis, within 15 days of the disease will be cured and will not recur again.
Because they have a sense of acid, which was less fruits recommended for patients with gastritis and colitis due to tannins in fruits can aggravate the condition of intestinal injury and difficult to digest. fruits are suitable for diarrheal disease.

You can get the Benefits Of Bark fruit to eat every day. All fruits have their efficacy, including bark Fruit. It is time consuming bark fruit from now. Have you consume today?